How Do Our Products Promote Social Emotional Learning?

At Color In Kind, we believe our kids are the future. Furthermore, that it’s only in the act of “doing” that “learning” takes place. We are super proud to have pioneered a brand dedicated to enriching children’s lives and future generations this way. 

We understand kids have needs. Moreover, we really care about how they perceive their needs and our role as parents, providers, family and/or friends in their childhood years. Our products are dedicated to bringing kids closer to their elders and each other.  More so, our products foster a “feel good” attitude towards love, kindness, empathy, compassion and care.   Teaching kids how to be positive, emulate positivity themselves and begin to engage with others and their environment in this way is the key to success! And, what parent doesn’t want their child to be successful when they grow up?! 

As you come to experience our wonderful and fun-filled products, you will see that each one is thoughtfully crafted to not only improve basic core learning skills such as Reading, Math, Science, and Writing; but, each box, kit, activity or DIY stationery card evokes feelings of understanding, emotional connection, and reciprocity/sharing in your little ones.

From our family to yours, we encourage you to try our amazing activities and crafts, and experience the difference yourself! We are not like other crafting companies. We put your kids mental and emotional wellbeing first, and only bring you products that will make your life easier in raising your children into amazing humans one day!

Don’t wait and give us a try, you won’t regret it! You can find out more about us at  We can also be found on IG @colorinkind and Pinterest.  Follow up and tag us, comment and let us know how you feel! 

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