Since being in quarantine due to COVID-19, we can’t tell you how many times we’ve been asked, “What can I do at home with my kids?!” We know just how hard it is right now to be at home at a loss for creative ways to keep the kids busy and learning at the same time. Believe us! We have kids ourselves and the daily struggle is real! Co-founders, Leanna and Julie, have their hands full at home with toddlers and teens! Leanna is a mom of 2 boys, Maksim – 5 years old & Marcus – 2 years old.  Julie, on the other hand, is a mom of 3 teens – Natalie, 15 years old and Maya & Michael – twins – 13 years old! So you can imagine how crazy it has been being at home with the kids.  Between juggling homeschool, zoom sessions, non-stop snacking and our homes turning into virtual classrooms and play yards – it has definitely been challenging keeping up with simple tasks, let alone creative ideas to keep children engaged, happy and learning!


But don’t fret – we’ve got you and we’re in this together.  There is no shortage of creative ideas at Color In Kind and we’re more than happy to share it with our community! Given the times we’re in, we thought it would be really fun to challenge everyone to a toilet paper craft challenge! We figured we’re going to have quite a few rolls lying around the house and instead of throwing them away –let’s get resourceful and crafty! You can do this alone or with your kids and have the chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card! Let’s face it – crafting can be pretty therapeutic and we all need something to calm us down and make us happy right about now.

Since Easter is around the corner, we chose to make a bunny stamp with our toilet paper roll!  We used some basic supplies like construction paper, tape, paint, and of course - a toilet paper roll, to create a fun bunny stamp with lemon shaped ears!   Leanna’s toddlers loved this craft and took turns stamping away.  We finished off the craft by painting some grass and clouds with our Crayola paint! See our pictures below for step by step instructions on what supplies you need and how to do it yourself at home!

Head on over to Instagram for the full details of our challenge! It will be going on until Monday, March 30th! We’ve even got some fun inspo for you to browse through thanks to Pinterest! You’d be surprised at all the fun things you can do with a toilet paper roll – you can create an octopus, a mermaid, a bumble bee, rocket ship, train, car –  you name it, you can make it!

 We hope you enter our challenge and have lots of fun!  If you would like to see us come up with more fun challenges and crafts for you to do at home with your kids, please leave a comment!

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