At COLOR IN KIND, kids are our priority. We are a visionary company with a lot of energy, BIG dreams and A LOT of little kids in mind! We are givers at heart and believe in the power of creativity.  We believe love for art and expression through creative play has the healing touch to connect people together and uplift souls. We believe children especially are the greatest creators of all and, if given the chance, can grow into incredible human beings who can change the world.  

We also believe the only way to make our world a better place is to have kindness at its core.  We KNOW this task is not only challenging in our digital world, but begins with our kids. COLOR IN KIND is a mission-based company determined to help kids equally near and far through kindness. We are committed to giving and pledge to donate a percentage of proceeds to charitable causes focused on the mental, physical and educational well-being and development of children.  

Join us on this beautiful journey today as we set out to paint the town crazy with rainbow colored dreams. A kinder world for kids is on the horizon with COLOR IN KIND! 

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