Hello Color In Kind Friends! We wanted to take this moment and check in with all of you at home. Julie here, one of the founders at Color In Kind. As a mom of three teens (Natalie, 15; Michael, 13; and Maya, 13), I can only imagine how challenging it is to have our older kids at home during this unprecedented time. I don’t know about all of you, but I have had quite to deal with on the homefront ranging from constant boredom, anxiety about school resuming and grades, missing friends, uncontrolled snacking, endless hours of video gaming, Tik Toking, binge Netflix shows, and more (that’s when Zoom classes are not in session)! This has presented an insane change of circumstances in our lives and I have to say, dealing with my childrens’ emotional and mental outlook on things has been centerstage in our home. 

This leads me to jump into our topic for today: What is social emotional learning and what role does it play in our children’s lives?   

Social emotional learning is the process through which children acquire positive skill sets to help them regulate their emotions and feelings in order to succeed in school, relationships, their careers, and life. Social emotional learning is a loaded undertaking and it requires the loving cooperation of parents, caretakers, schools, and practically everyone involved in shaping a child’s life! Academics and outside stressors like current events in the news play a tremendous role in how our children perceive stress as it relates to them and manage it. 

With that said, you can only imagine how difficult this ‘social distancing’ must be for them: they can only Facetime friends, they can’t go outside except for a walk, and their entire school life seems to be indefinitely on hold. How we talk to our children at this time and model positivity for them is key to helping them bounce back from what probably feels like the worst tragedy ever in their little lives. 

At Color in Kind, we are dedicated to these principles of social emotional learning and weave them into the foundation of all of our products.  Each and every digital kit, box, activity set or craft offers interactive play that engages their emotions and feelings in a positive and nurturing way.  Helping children cultivate a positive mindset and understanding of their own emotions through our crafts is the purpose of everything we do. 

Please visit our website at to learn more about our mission and philosophy for kids. You can also follow us on IG @colorinkind and find us on Pinterest.  Educating and inspiring kids to grow up into strong, positive and successful human beings is our dream. Join us on this journey and let’s color a kinder world for kids today.
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