COLOR IN KIND and IT’S FOUNDERS Creating Arts and Crafts Activity Books and Boxes for Kids

Meet Leanna and Julie! Sisters and attorneys by day, Leanna and Julie have always had a passion for helping others. They love working with their clients, but being with their kids and doing meaningful things with them has always been at the top of their list! As working moms, they knew their time was limited. More importantly, they knew they owed it to their little ones to make every second count!

One day while sitting in their office talking about the future and how fast their kids were growing up, an inspiration struck! What if they created an arts and crafts activities company for kids that was educational, motivational and a super fun way for kids to learn and connect?! What if they took everything they had practiced with their own kids ranging from 2 years to 15 years old and put it into this arts and crafts activities company for kids, creating art crafts, DIY greeting cards, color-in stationery, DIY activity kits and arts and crafts gifting boxes that not only educated them but inspired them to be loving, confident and kind?

Leanna and Julie knew in that moment they were onto something great. Leanna had a passion for arts and crafts activities since she was a child herself. She grew up loving the weekends taking arts and crafts classes at her local Michaels Store. Using her imagination and little hands to bake homemade goodies to craft handmade bows and accessories for herself and her dolls, to even decorating and coloring her own T-shirts and clothing items was something she thrived on and enjoyed with all her heart. Her passion for creating and crafting was long instilled within her even before she had her own children. Never did she think in a million years she would grow up to come to realize this has always been her passion and now she had the opportunity to bring it back to life and help give this love for crafting to other kids!


As for Julie, Leanna's eldest sister, understanding how kids think and feel and learning their behavior patterns through the study of Psychology and Social Emotional Learning had always been a love of hers. Julie spent two years with a colleague of hers promoting the study of social emotional learning in schools, and even assisted in the teaching of this curriculum to young kids in elementary schools throughout the Los Angeles area. For Julie, encouraging children to be strong-minded, confident, emotionally stable, kind and well-rounded has always been a deep passion of hers and what better way to instill these values in kids than through the arts and crafts activities company they were about to create!  


As such, in September of 2019, Leanna and Julie put their two passions for helping kids together and formed their company called COLOR IN KIND. This arts and crafts activities company for kids would be unlike any other: they would set out to not only educate kids in the love of creating and crafting with art, but would make certain each and every arts and crafts activity box, arts and crafts activity book, DIY greeting card, and/or DIY art kit was packed with fundamental elements in core subjects such as Math, English, Science AND Social Emotional Learning. From that day forward, their mission to color a kinder world for kids was born and they knew to bring this company to life would be the greatest work of their own lives.


Since that fateful day in September, Color In Kind has committed to excellence in bringing kids today arts and crafts activities and toy gifting products that not only educate kids in primary core subjects such as Reading, Vocabulary, Math and Science; but also, inspire Social Emotional Learning skills like character building, positive characteristic traits, emotional self-regulation, positive internal and external reactions to situations or events, and positive relationship formation. All of Color In Kinds' arts and crafts activity boxes for kids, arts and crafts activity books for kids, arts and crafts stationery for kids, and arts and crafts kits for kids are geared towards providing kids countless opportunities to learn, grow and become strong, confident, loving, kind and successful kids!


At Color In Kind, we realized early on in watching our own kids growing up that a strong foundation in elementary subjects such as English, Math and Science AND a strong foundation in character building and emotional intelligence are crucial for the well-being and overall healthy development of a child. This is why at Color In Kind, we strive to bring parents the perfect combination of these two critical elements in each arts and crafts activity book and box you purchase. Rest assured dear parents, that at Color In Kind, we are PARENTS ourselves just like you and want only what is best for your kids! Nothing makes us happier than to bring this heartfelt mission to help enrich the lives of children and share this very special brand and message through our arts and crafts activity books and arts and crafts activity boxes for kids with the world.


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