COLOR and CONNECT with Arts and Crafts Activities for Kids

In today’s digital world, we often ask ourselves, “How Can I Connect Better With My Child?” This question is on the busy minds of modern day parents today more than ever before. Kids today are swept away by their iPads and iPhones while overwhelmed and tired parents scramble to do it all! From working full-time jobs to juggling multiple birthday parties, kids' playdates and kids' events on the weekend, to chauffeuring their kids left and right, sitting down for “family dinners”, doing multiple activity pages of homework, folding three loads of laundry, and packing lunch sacks all in one breath ---parents today hands down are the true SUPERHEROES of our generation!

So, you ask: Why do we run ourselves so thin?


WE LOVE OUR KIDS and would do ANYTHING for them! Parents today are becoming more and more super conscious of their children's needs. Parents are really tapped in to their children's daily experiences and emotional well-being. There is almost a sense of nostalgic longing to give our children a childhood dreams are made of. We as parents today want to throw the best birthday parties, the most fun play dates, the most elaborate after school social events, and weekend celebrations. We want our children to read the best books for kids, engage in creative arts and crafts activities for kids and process art classes for kids. We want our children to be talented in music, the performance arts, dance classes, and sports activities. And, as if that is not a tall order of wants for our kids, we want them to be well-rounded, excellent students in school, overachievers and ambitious leaders, not just bare minimum survivors. As you can see, our 'wants' as parents for our kids today is quite extensive and exhausting.

We are not to blame however, dear ones, for feeling this way. In a world where abundance reigns supreme and everyone wants a piece of the ‘good life’ as shown off in the media, especially social media - - - we, unfortunately, want what everyone wants for their children- - -only the best! The down side to all this is the epidemic of "disconnect" underway. The one thing we don’t realize is that in all our efforts to achieve, grow and prosper AND groom and trim our children to feel the same, we have 'lost connection' to ourselves and others. In a world where it may appear we are 'all connected' through social media and all other digital platforms from Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, Snapchat, and more, we are actually more disconnected than ever! There are so many challenges and influences on our children today with the Internet and Social Media taking the lead ---our children most necessarily are going to unplug from us and those around them and instead “plug in” to their electronic devices.  

What happened to the good old days when coloring books for kids, activity books for kids, art drawings, journal writing, building makeshift hideouts, climbing tree houses or playing ball with the neighborhood kids in the front yard were fun?

Those yesterdays may feel long gone and like a faded memory to us today but it is not too late to bring it back. At Color In Kind, we believe in bringing back those rich and colorful days where children felt and played like wholesome children. We believe in the times where arts and crafts for kids, coloring activities for kids, DIY projects for kids with simple supplies at home or in the garden were the most fun way to pass quality time!

We believe in raising good kids with a keen sense of who they are and an understanding of their environment. Kids who loved making friends everywhere they went because they felt connected to their surroundings, were observant and investigative in nature.

We believe in the days when kids had a free flowing imagination and used it to create art and craft activities with the playthings around them. These kids were connected to themselves and everyone around them, becoming extraordinary storytellers and little actors and artists. We believe in the playground picnics, after school play dates, pool parties, lemonade stands, door to door goodie sales, and Friday movie nights where some board games and popcorn munchies were the thing to do as a family.

At Color In Kind, we want to bring the true love for being a creative and imaginative kid back. Arts and Crafts for kids, creative play for kids, social interaction with kids, making friends, keeping friends, and social emotional learning and engagement between kids is at the top of our list and our priority in every activity box, craft box or activity kit for kids we put together. We stand for family values, deep friendships and human connection through love and kindness. We know in our hearts it is NEVER late to start connecting back with the ones you love and to bring these good old feelings back. Whether it's with Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma or a friend, creative play and arts and crafts are always a sure way to engage, reconnect, and reestablish that human bond. Unplugging children from their electronic devices and connecting them back to their parents, siblings, loved ones and friends is our heartfelt mission and goal!

So, in answer to the burning question, “How do I connect better with my child?”

At Color In Kind, we say: Sit down, pick up a box of crayons and start coloring some Color In Kind activity books for kids and start creating with our DIY activity boxes and arts and craft kits! This is an incredible way to watch your child blossom into a creative leader with each activity. Give your child the gift of time well spent on these creative activities for kids and watch them grow. Let coloring and crafting with our Color In Kind arts and crafts kids’ products lead the way!

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