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Teaching kids to be mindful towards one another can be challenging for parents. Our kids are consumed with social media, video games, text chatting, Face-timing, Snap-chatting, Tik Toking, Instagramming, and pretty much ‘following’ anything and everything---much like adults! With our growing digital world, it is difficult for parents to know what is happening in their children’s lives all of the time. Moreover, our evolving technological world is creating more impulsive, less patient, aggressive and desensitized kids and teens as a result.


So, how can we change things? How can we help parents feel closer and more connected to their children? The answer is: One-on-One connections! There’s no connection like the loving connection created by “play time”between you and your kids. Connecting through play is the first step to creating a connection of love and respect between you and your child. Once this connection is made, and we have our kids’ attention, we can begin to teach them about being caring and thoughtful in the way they speak and act. Simply put, sitting down, making the time and connecting with your child is the doorway to countless opportunities for teaching moments, memories and creative fun together. Valuable lessons in life, love, determination, success and how to be kind to others begin here!


With that said, we have discovered that there is no better way to see kids connect with each other or with their elders than through arts and crafts activities. The act of creating art for kids and engaging in crafting, coloring, drawing, cutting, pasting, writing, painting, gluing or decorating is so enriching there are just not enough words to describe the irreplaceable value it offers to kids. Arts and crafts activities for kids not only enhance kids' creativity and imagination, but enhance their fine motor skills, spatial intelligence, logic and analytic skills, as well as hand dexterity and finger manipulation skills. Arts and crafts activities for kids are such a powerful resource for maturity and growth not just in the creative art fields, but all around shaping little kids into loving, empathic, artistic, and articulate human beings who are capable of envisioning and executing on goals and dreams.   


What's even more unique with our Color In Kind arts and crafts products for kids is that NOT ONLY do all our kids' craft products offer the added bonus of elementary education in Reading, Vocabulary, Math, Writing and Science, BUT they also promote fundamental principles of Social Emotional Learning. Each and every one of our kids' arts and crafts product lines, whether it is our arts and crafts boxes, or our arts and crafts kits, or our stationery DIY greeting cards for kids - - - offer valuable lessons in emotional intelligence skill building, character trait analysis and formation and emotional self-regulation.  Teaching kids how to care for themselves, their emotions, their reactions, their interactions with others and their relationship to the external world around them is of high importance to us, as these are some of the basic things in life that often get neglected and if not learned correctly when young, may be difficult to unlearn or relearn when older. As such, we knew that when it came to developing our products, a mindful mindset was of utmost necessity to create the best kids' arts and crafts products on the market that met this vision. Moreover, we knew as a company that building a kinder world for kids all around required our company to understand the ins and out of a little kid's life so that every activity box or craft kit stimulated and inspired this special learning in them.


So, you ask: How Do Color In Kind Products Promote Kindness? The answer is in our Arts and Crafts Activity Boxes and Stationery DIY Greeting Cards for kids!


COLOR IN KIND designs its kids' art and craft activity boxes and kits in such a way to inspire love and kindness in each activity. We want our kids' art and craft activity boxes, our kids' DIY greeting cards, and our DIY gift craft boxes and kits to be fun, creative, and offer kids the opportunity to teach one another how to play together, care for one another, share together and create together. With every arts and crafts activity box for kids, DIY stationary greeting card set for kids, DIY digital craft kit for kids, and/or custom craft gift box for kids, we believe you and your kids will experience the difference and feel the message, “Be Kind” loud and clear. Nothing is more important to us in this day and age than to help spread the message of kindness throughout the world. And, what better way to do it than through our custom kids' product line. So, the next time you want to do something special with your kids, give COLOR IN KIND a try. Life is too precious to let your kids sit head down and play on their phones! Join us in our mission to plug our kids back into what really matters. Let’s connect, create and care!

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